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Acceptable Use Policy

We welcome your comments on our page but we ask that you help us comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. Please consider these guidelines before commenting. We will remove any comments that may result in us breaching the Code.

We love when you comment and tag your friends and family on our posts but we ask that you do not:

  • endorse our product (including by providing a testimonial about how the product worked for you) if you are:

    • an employee or contractor of a government, government authority, a hospital or a healthcare facility

    • a current or former health practitioner, health professional or medical researcher

    • a person who represents themselves as being qualified or trained to diagnose, treat or prevent disease, ailment, defect or injury in persons

    • not using your own name on this social media platform

  • imply that a government, a government authority, a hospital or a healthcare facility endorse our product

  • make comments about how a product works for you outside of its intended purpose, as these comments can be dangerous or misleading - our products are developed for particular purposes, as stated on the label and/or in our advertising

  • make comments about your own personal experience with using the product if you have received payment of any kind (including free product) to provide a testimonial

  • make comments about serious conditions, diseases, ailments or defects, such as comments about how a product helped with your treatment of a serious disease or how it will relieve a tagged person's serious condition


We also have an obligation to make sure any advertisements we make, including endorsements and testimonials, are not misleading.


Therefore we promise to disclose:

  • where a person has been, or will be, compensated for endorsing the product

  • where we have actors sharing the testimonial, such as in cases where the original person who made the testimonial does not want to appear in our advertisement

  • where the person making the testimonial is an immediate family member of anyone employed by our business

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